Our fuel level sensors offer high accuracy, reliability, and flexibility, making them the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to measure gasoline, JP8 type of non-conductive, or agricultural pesticide type of conductive liquids, our sensors can provide the data you need to optimize the consumption and increase efficiency.


  • measurement accuracy of %1 between -20°C and 50°C.
  • compatible with popular flight controllers (PX4, Ardupilot) right out of the box!
  • multi tank support

If you have multiple tanks, you can install our sensors to each of them and either you can define all of them combined so at your display you see total amount of liquid, or you can monitor each of them separately. This makes flight planning much easier and allows the operator to set failsafes depending on fuel level.


Empty Voltage0.25V
Full Voltage4.75V
Data InterfaceUART 5V TTL, I2C, Analog
Measurement Resolution12 BIT
Sample Rate100 HZ


Supply Voltage6-30V DC
Supply Current15 mA


Probe Length100 – 1500 mm in 1 mm steps
Mounting Option4 holes M2
Sensor LengthProbe Length + 2 mm flange height
Flange35.5 mm (W) x 20.5 mm (L) x 2 mm (H)
Sealing OptionVITON GASKET
ConnectorsJST-GH 1.25 mm
Wire Size26 AWG
Wire Length50 cm
Weight50g (100mm probe + 0.18g/mm)


FuelsGasoline, Diesel, Biofuels, JP8
CoolantsEthylene glycol, water
OtherAgriculture Pesticide mixtures
Temperature Compensation-20°C + 50°C
Accuracy+/- 1 Full Scale Deflection @ 20°C

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